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Sell your Facebook & Zynga Poker Chips at good prices

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About Us

We have been buying and selling Facebook poker chips since 2010, we have purchased from hundreds of people and we have a high range of suppliers, we are always interested to buy from new people since it brings our portfolio of suppliers into a higher level bringing us stocks at any time.

Why you should sell us your Facebook Poker Chips

There is many reasons why you should sell them:

Earn from your skills: You can make money out of fun, if you play just for fun why not to make money out of it as well, hundres of suppliers started as normal players and now are full time working to get more money out of their gaming skills.

We are a secure source: We have been in the market since 2010 and everyone knows it, we are the best source to sell them

Many forms of payments: We have many forms of payment for your convenience

How does it work

There is 3 simple steps to sell our chips and redeem your money:

Step 1:

Contact us with the above form or talk to our staff in the livesupport

Step 2: 

We will arrange all the details and the transaction of your funds

Step 3:

Receive your money and build up again a new bankroll to sell it

How long will it take to send me my payment?

Depending the type of payment you need. If you choose western union or money gram the payment can be done the same day, bank wire transfers can take up to 3-5 bussiness days as well as other type of bank transfers. Common payments will be done the same day.

Will my account remain safe if I sell these chips?


Your account will remain safe at all time, the only thing we ask from you is to read properly the instructions that our staff will ask you to follow and your account will remain good at all time, before, during and after the purchase.

What methods of payments do you have

At the moment we can pay via: Paypal, bank wire, Wester Union, Money Gram If you need another payment method, let us know

100% Secure

We are the number one source if you are looking to sell your facebook poker chips, contact us and we will arrange a price and a method of payment. We are looking forward not only to sell more but also to increase the number of suppliers we have.