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More Zynga Poker Tips

Do NOT tip the dealer. It will not improve your luck. It is only a waste of chips.
Be sure to fulfill the easy goals, this helps you level up more quickly, each level up is $1,500 in free chips.
Make new friends, not only will this help you level up as well, but you will also increase your chances of bonus chips on the slot machine. Some may even be kind enough to donate chips to you.
Keep track of new players by purchasing a cheap gift like a donut for everyone at the table. Not only will this help you level up, but you will be able to see when new players come to the table because they won’t have the donuts (most people don’t buy donuts for themselves). This can help you keep track of players in certain seats and use their playing styles against them. Of course only do this later on when you have the chips to spend.
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