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Texas Hold'em poker skills

Texas Hold'em poker skills
Texas Hold'em rules are simple , but not easy to play well . Because this game is not only rely on luck , but also to match wits between players , more than patience , discipline . A successful Texas Hold'em player , not only to master the basic offensive and defensive strategies , but also to be able to recognize a variety of opponents playing tricks , depending on the opponent, to adopt a different strategy, only know ourselves and be victorious .
1 To deadpan (Stone Face)!
In actual casino , when you get your two cards after dark , to be joy, anger, without form or color , so that others can not guess the cards in your hand is good or bad depending on your demeanor expression. If you guessed the hands of rival brand is good or bad , will account for a lot of advantages when you bet . There is a novel about poker called "Stone Face". We can not see each other online games , it was taken to change the speed of a mouse click to confuse others.
Two hands must be high, if you start to throw away two bad cards , without any loss , only good cards before playing .
Checking thousands of times through the computer , measure out the different starting hands last chance to win the so-called good cards is the chance to win more than 15% of the cards , if the other player's hands is not high enough , over time, as long as you can they accounted for 7% of the advantages of the dealer's fee minus 5% , you have a potential yield of 2% , you will be able to win money .
Know two cards , the bet still have to give up, and how many players the poker table about .
In general, 10 units, beginners can play the following card:
The first group : AA KK QQ AKs AQs
The second group : JJ TT AJs ATs AK AQ KQs
The third group : 99 QJs KJs KTs
The fourth group : A8s KQ 88 QTs A9s AT AJ JTs
Six units, can play together :
The fifth group : 77 Q9s KJ QJ JTs A7s A6s A5s A4s A3s A2s J9s T9s K9s KT QT
Position in the back, you can see the small pair plus .
Playing small pairs principle is that if you do not get a triple after the flop , then fold. (NO SET, NO BET)
Many players as long as the two cards with flowers or an A plus a small card , they will bet in any position ,
Position , patience and a strong hand to play Texas Hold'em is the key to success .
3 Throughout the game , the button ( D position ) is always the last one out the card, he can see the cards of other players react to the relatively large number of information collected , and therefore have a position of advantage, but the player left of the button always first one of the cards , so the position of the accounting weaknesses, so the position of the more , the later cards , the more advantage. When you are in front of the location , you need to be very strong cards to bet , because the players behind you could raise (RAISE) reraise . When you are in a position behind the quality of these cards can be a little lower , because you will not be someone else raise.
If your cards are AA, KK, QQ, AK ( same color ), AK ( different colors ) , whether you are in that position should raise.
Principle 4 after three communal cards (FLOP) opened the next play is the biggest card in your hand to hold , or is likely to develop into the largest brand , or we need to consider the fold (FOLD).
"There is likely to develop into the largest card" generally refers to the development of a flush and straight , because three with two ( gourd ) can not be met .
If you do not have one of the biggest card ( if 1,2,3 communal card is Q-6-4, one of the largest card should be a pair of Q), and you form a chance to flush and straight is not, you should consider giving up , because usually there is a piece of the next seven tables of players , the need to form two pairs or better brand will win .
If the player to reduce the chance of a good brand appears also reduced , so that only three or four players , they can play a number of bold , fierce number .
5 Transit (The Turn), if you think your cards well, ho do not hesitate to raise. If the player raises in front of you , and you only have one pair of big, you should consider fold.
6 river (The River), the player easy to commit two errors : 1 , will obviously lose the cards also calls ; 2 , easy to fold. It is clear , easy to fold greater losses .
7 momentum (power) is also very important , imposing big win big money , little momentum to win a little money , no momentum can only be beaten.
With good hand to raise, to grasp the advantages of the initiative to attack , do not be afraid of filling (Raise). The fewer opponents in the game , the more you should raise, rather than call. Six sets , when you hold a good hand , usually the best policy is to raise, followed by the release card, the worst is called.
8 carefully observe the sign face (Reading The Board).
Cards read carefully observe each player's reaction , because Texas Hold'em shared with five cards , you can often guess the biggest card type that can be composed of other players to determine if they are the bet .
9 judged opponent.
Note what opponents are playing cards , you bet helpful, but do not be deceived by some trick opponents , so pay attention to observation. You can also take advantage of the opponent's weaknesses, to bully them , bluff (Bluffing) them .
Always know what your opponent is thinking, do you think he has any cards ? Do you think he feels you have any cards ? He thinks you think he has what brand ? If you can overcome your opponent in this regard , you will have the advantage. But this requires repeated exercise and time to accumulate .
10 changes play, confuse opponents. Poker sometimes change their style of play in order to confuse opponents. If you always hands high , when you raise, you must hold the opponent to know a good brand , they all put cards , you get a good hand did not earn much money , what a shame. So sometimes get worse cards to bluff (Bluffing), it does not matter even if the opponent was found , lay the foundation for the next time you make money . There are many players on the Texas Hold'em poker tables for entertainment , the level is very poor, there are some rich people do not care about winning or losing , these people tend to play with , as long as you can find their weaknesses , there is an opportunity , they can easily be money to win over, this is becoming a very lucrative Texas Hold'em game the biggest reason .

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