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Winning at Cash Games

Building from Scratch: When you start, it is pretty tough because you have a very limited number of chips, but regardless, this can teach you proper bankroll management. This isn’t as important in the beginning though, because you can get 2,000 new chips every day if you bust your bank roll. You have two choices then, play on a game like a 10/20 table or try to grind it out playing on 1/2 games hoping to make a little, but accumulating chips daily from your daily bonus until you have enough to advance to a higher table. If you play the 10/20 game you are looking to get lucky and triple up or better. If you do triple or double up, leave the table and try to do it again on another table. I suggest buying in with $1000, that way you have one more chance in case you don’t get lucky the first time. Why am I saying get lucky? Because you are playing with your entire bankroll, it doesn’t matter how good you are, this is a risky strategy, but can work in the beginning since you can just get 2,000 more chips the next day to try again.
While Zynga poker is very different from real money poker, if you play a proper strategy you can learn some fundamentals that will give you an advantage if you ever want to transition to real money games. Once you get about 10,000 chips, you can start to play proper strategy.
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