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Winning Poker Zynga Tournaments

Tournaments at Zynga Poker are a bit like bingo, even more so than the ‘cash games’. The starting stacks are only 1,000. The blinds start at 10/20 and advance fairly quickly. If you play the lower tournaments, it is quite common for more than one player, sometimes 3 or 4 players to move all in. This is a risky move no matter your hand. Even pocket aces are diminished when it is 4 handed or more. I would still play KK or higher there, but most times I try to stay out of the way when players are going all in beginning. This usually leaves a more narrow field.
Play much tighter in the beginning of the tournament, only playing very strong hands in early position (meaning first few players to act), meaning pocket 99, A10 suited and above. In late position, you can play lesser hands including low pocket pairs A5 suited, KQ off suite and up. As the tournament goes on you will need to loosen up your play and hand selection, but don’t get too crazy. When there are 4 or fewer players, it is OK to start going all in with AQ and AK or better pre-flop to take down some blinds which should be a little larger at this point. Remember, if your stake gets down to about 10 times the big blind, pick a spot with a good hand and go all-in. Otherwise you will probably just get blinded out. No sense in calling bets unless you are late position and just want to see a flop. However, if it is worth calling with, you may as well go all in to try to take the blind.
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