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Zynga lets you play poker online with friends new and old alike

Most people might remember Zynga as the company that took a gamble on farming with their smash hit Farmville, but did you know that before that they took an even bigger gamble on gambling? Zynga Poker (aka Texas Hold'em Poker) was the company's first real success, and we're not bluffing when we tell you that it still holds up wonderfully. In the face of fresh competition from games like Poker Rivals and Poker Palace, Zynga Poker is still the hand to beat.

Zynga, ZNGA, -1.95% a leading social game developer, today announced that the new Zynga Poker is now available to consumers worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. The new, free-to-play Zynga Poker was developed for mobile from the ground up, blending personalized gameplay, lightning fast performance and sophisticated design to create an authentic casino experience for players.

Zynga lets you play poker online with friends new and old alike. You don’t have to be online to enjoy poker though; in fact, we encourage you to enjoy playing cards in person with your friends. While you can visit a casino to do this, it’s just as much – or more – fun to host poker night, complete with snacks and drinks. Ready for something different? Here are some expert tips for hosting poker tournaments with like-minded friends. As a bonus, playing in person will help you hone your skills for online play!

Poker night is all about fun, and how much fun you’ll have when hosting a poker party depends on which friends you invite. Start by considering which friends share your interest in poker. Choose those who share similar skill levels so no one has an unfair advantage. After sending invitations, get commitments from everyone who shows an interest in coming – nobody wants to play with just one or two other people. You’ll have more fun playing poker with at least four participants, and you’ll be able to set up exciting Texas Hold’Em games if you have at least five participants.
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