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Zynga Poker is not like real poker!

Zynga Poker is not like real poker! 
There’s a huge difference in play style between playing Zynga Poker for play money and 
playing poker for real money. When it comes to real money, well, you’re playing with real 
money. You’re probably emotionally attached to this money and play very conservatively with 
it (or at least you should be unless you’re a seasoned veteran that can play a very 
aggressive game because you’re good with exploiting players’ tendencies and good with math 
and know when you’re truly getting your money in good). In a real money game, you wouldn’t 
be raising or even calling 6-7 offsuit or A-10 when you’re first to act in a hand for 
example, yet people do this in Zynga poker all the time.
People do stupid things like this when playing Zynga Poker because it’s play money. Sure 
there’s still some emotional attachment to the “money”, but no where close compared  to 
when it’s real money. This is why people playing Zynga Poker frankly play like idiots; they’
re emotionally detached from the money and are willing to gamble it up.
Realize as well that you can in no way shape or form use Zynga Poker as a training ground 
before taking the leap into real money. You will get killed. Trust me. Zynga Poker for play 
money is a game all unto itself. Yes it’s similar to real money in that it uses chips, and 
there’s cards, and the hands are the same, but betting patterns and skill at real money cash 
tables are completely different and it is a whole another world.
Everyone thinks they’re a better player than you.
Another seemingly general rule in Zynga Poker is that every player thinks they are better than 
every other poker player. You are probably even one of these people. 75% of poker players 
think they’re better than 75% of other poker players.  They think they can bluff people off 
hands, and in turn they always feel they are being bluffed. This is why people call 
practically any bet with any hand. You know as well as I do that people go all in with the 
most idiotic of hands… 2-5 offsuit with A-10-8 on board.. They don’t care. The majority of 
people playing Zynga Poker are very clueless when it comes to thinking deep about the game.  
You need to realize this.
Most people don’t want to think about strategy, they think poker is all about gambling and 
that’s all they’re there to do. When you see a picture of a player at the table who looks 
like a 60 year old woman holding her cat, you can be certain that person most likely is not 
there to contemplate the inner workings of the game. They are there to have fun and gamble. 
Some people love the thrill of the gamble over mulling over strategy and winning on their own 
merits. This is what you need to capitalize on.
So OK, what does it take to get rich at Zynga Poker then mister blogger guy that knows 
everything? Well there’s simply ONE, yes ONE key component to being a winner, and it is 
arguably in my opinion your one and only  single saving grace to winning at Zynga play money 
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