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Zynga Poker Tips

Zynga poker is a wildly popular Facebook based game, boasting 35 million users worldwide. It is somewhat unique among free poker platforms as it offers players the ability to flaunt their money by tipping the dealer, buying avatars, purchasing gifts like drinks and cigars for themselves and even other players. You are likely here though because you want to learn how to win a lot of chips. We will do our best to tell you how. If you play well enough, you should NEVER have to buy chips from Zynga poker.
Getting Free Chips From Zynga Poker
There are a few ways to get chips directly from Zynga, when you start an account you begin with 2,000 chips, which is not a lot, but the good news is that if you leave on push notifications, they will give you 2,000 more chips daily just by logging in. You also get free chips for leveling up. Be sure to log in daily, even if you aren’t going to play just to get those free chips. If you log in through you phone, it will be automatic, if you log-in through a computer, you will want to play the Lucky Bonus which gives you the chance to win up to win 1 million chips depending upon how many friends you have invited or made.
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